Book Publishing for Kindle and Create Space

Announcing: a New Way to
Create and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book
Without Typing—or Writing—a Single Word!

Amazon's Kindle and Create Space changed the book publishing industry forever. Yet, one problem remains: Most people hate writing.

Book development can be a painful, stressful experience if you dislike writing, have no confidence in your writing ability, or are just not sure how to start or complete the process.

Left on your own, you will probably never finish writing your book if six months has passed since you penned the first word.

Plus, traditional publishing still takes 8-14 months from idea to book-in-hand. What you write in your non-fiction book today could be out-of-date by that time!

Publishing service by authors for authors

Being published and self-published book authors ourselves, we have experienced the same peaks and troughs of emotions and challenges as most authors. At R50 Books, we have developed a new way to publish books FAST while removing the negative experiences from the process.

Our secret sauce is what we call the Never-Write Method. In short, our goal is to enable authors to produce books in their own voice without ever actually writing or typing a single word or sentence of their manuscript.

Why use the Never-Write Method?

Forget the stress of traditional book writing and instead enjoy:

  1. Relief! While we produce your book from start to finish, you can spend more time on pre-launch activities, which we outline for you step-by-step.
  2. Excitement! Your enthusiasm remains high as every few days you are provided with updates toward your book's completion.
  3. Accomplishment! Your book will be live in 3 weeks after the project kick-off meeting. You get to reap the rewards of your authoring efforts in less than a month!

Here’s how it works

  1. Free consultation - We want to know your topic of expertise. If you do not have a book topic identified, we can help you come up with one in less than five minutes! Everyone has experience with, and is a true expert at, something.
  2. Payment - All of our work is prepaid, which reserves your spot in our project calendar. Various payment options are provided to meet your budget.
  3. Pre-launch promotion - Even before your project kick-off meeting, the selling begins. You will receive frequent mentions on R50 Books Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the publishing process. Plus, we provide you with a complete pre-launch plan for you to work with on your end. If you provide services, simply adding "Watch for my book release next month!" to your email signature can bring enough leads and sales your way to pay for the entire project!
  4. Project kick-off - We prefer to meet in person for Phase I, if you are local to the Denver area. However, phone or Skype is fine as well. In this 90-minute meeting, we will produce your book outline together and introduce you to our content extraction method by creating your book's introduction right then and there!
  5. Content extraction - We have developed a proprietary method for extracting book content from our authors without them having to physically write content. We will provide you with more details on this step once you become an R50 Books author.
  6. Editing - There are two rounds of editing for which you will add your input.
  7. Sales pieces development - Cover design, back cover verbiage, author page text, book description text, are all pieces that help the book to sell. We produce them at the same time your content is being developed. By the time the content is ready, your sales pieces are complete too. The book is ready for launch!
  8. Extended Education Center - We will build and store a hidden, password-protected, bonus area on the website where your readers are invited to become LIFETIME FREE members. We will work with you to provide links to instructional videos, PDF documents you've produced that are of value to your readers, and any other resources that will increase value of the reader's original book purchase.

R50 Books is Not a Ghost Writing Agency

The thing to remember here is that we are not ghost writing your book. You are providing the content. Our job is to extract that great content from your mind without you having to put any advance preparation into the process.

The old way of writing a book is stressful, exhausting, and even sometimes painful.

Not anymore. It’s easy.

You won’t have to worry about the words you use or how you format sentences. We will fix all of that in editing. Then, you will see your first draft for review.

Once you use this process, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever produce their manuscript by writing and typing ever again. Those days are over.

Start Thinking About Your Next Book...and Your Next!

This new way of book publishing will encourage industry experts like you to publish 5, 10, or even 20 books or more all using our Never-Writing Method.

Welcome to the new evolution of how to conceptualize, create, and publish a book!

What to Do Next

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Projects will be considered based on the order in which inquiries are received.

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