Book Topics Offered by R50 Books

Book Topics Offered by R50 Books

When considering book topics for writing and build-out, we look for a few specific components in the following order:

  1. Expert Potential - Is there a true expert that can supply unique and valuable content for this topic? Our definition of a good book relies on a true expert for producing valuable content as outlined in this blog post defining what a good quality book is.
  2. Content Potential - Has this topic been "done-to-death" or is there room for another book that can outline current steps and details without sounding cliche?
  3. Interest Potential - How interesting is this topic to our staff here at R50 Books? The last thing you want is to have someone, let alone a full team, working to promote your book when that person or team has no interest in the topic. We certainly don't want to waste your time or ours by working on a book we don't like.
  4. Sales Potential - Are books in this topic area selling? We perform extensive research before writing the first word of the first chapter. If no one is spending money in that area, we will report to the author the need to hold off on the topic for a while.
  5. Action Potential - Can a reader of a book in this topic area realistically improve on their current position? There are far too many books in the world that offer methods and procedures that are simply too unrealistic for people to implement.

    R50 Book List

    The following list showcases all completed and launched R50 Books. Follow the links to arrive at extended descriptions on the respective book details pages.

    Health and Wellness Journey: Creating a Plan that Works After All Other Attempts Have Failed by Dana Morgan-Barnes

    Weeknight Dinners for Fast-Food Families - by Lisa Shoumann

    Summer and Weekend Jobs for Teens >> - How to Make Great Part-Time Money as a Youth Baseball Coach by Rich Dossen

    CloudNet360 Quick Start Guide >> by Marty Dickinson

    God's Law of Attraction >> by Susan Lee

    Our 2016 launch year plan is to go live with at least one book per month and increasing to 3-5 books per month. Check back frequently or join our list to be alerted with new book launch dates.